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What Happened to Mama?


Emerson Hospital

What Happened to Mama?

The Cover-up of Mama's Death at Emerson Hospital

Mama’s story begins on the morning of August 6, 2021, when I called an ambulance to take Mama, Doretha Hope Pringle, to Emerson Hospital in Concord, Massachusetts, for rectal bleeding.

Mama was fatally injured and put on life support during a routine endoscopy and interventional radiology (IR) procedure. The cover-up started straightaway. The doctors in the CCU family meeting simultaneously developed spontaneous amnesia and could not recall what happened in the operating room hours before.

Mama never recovered and passed away in my arms on September 3, 2021, at 9:54 pm. Please join me on my quest to finally answer the question that has haunted me ever since: “What Happened to Mama?”

At Least 6 Doctors Participated in the Cover-up

I assert that Emerson Hospital killed Mama, and at least six doctors are involved in the cover-up. Those words are profound and chilling, and they should have sent a shockwave through Emerson Hospital and prompted full transparency, but they didn’t. Why? Is CEO Christine Schuster and the senior leadership team involved in the cover-up of Mama’s death? What did the senior leadership team know, when did they know it, and what did they do? How many other deaths has Emerson Hospital covered up?

“Just Culture” at Emerson Hospital Means “Just Cover It Up”

The big lie in healthcare is that when mistakes happen, they are openly discussed, and root cause analysis is performed to prevent these errors from happening again. The big lie in healthcare is “Just Culture.” At Emerson Hospital, “Just Culture” means “Just Cover It Up.” I will not allow Emerson Hospital to cover up Mama’s death.

The White Wall of Silence

The blue wall of silence in law enforcement also exists in medicine, and it’s called the white wall of silence. I assert that when Emerson Hospital knew they killed Mama, Emerson Hospital conspired to cover up what happened during the endoscopy/IR procedure, willfully withheld pertinent medical information, and put up the white wall of silence to prevent me from discovering the truth about Mama’s death. All Emerson Hospital had to do was tell the truth.

The Secret Emerson Hospital Buried

• Emerson Hospital didn’t think I would ask for Mama’s medical records four times because they were missing information – I did.
• Emerson Hospital didn’t think I would stay up until 1:00 a.m. (while working full-time) reading Mama’s medical records page by page in search of the secret – I did.
• Emerson Hospital didn’t think I would find the secret they buried in Mama’s medical records – I did.
• Emerson Hospital thought their white wall of silence would stop me – it won’t.
• Emerson Hospital thought I would give up – I won’t. My voice will become louder and louder.
• Emerson Hospital didn’t think I would tell Mama’s story – I am.
• Emerson Hospital didn’t think anyone loved Mama – I do.

MGH Doctor Won’t Cross Emerson Hospital’s White Wall of Silence

Even the Massachusetts General Hospital doctor, who consulted in the Emergency Department, refused to cross Emerson Hospital’s white wall of silence and help me. This wasn’t a random MGH doctor - this was Mama’s MGH doctor, who had been her doctor for years! My message to Emerson Hospital is this: you may control the Emerson Hospital doctors and intimidate Mama’s MGH doctor, but you neither control nor intimidate me. I’m coming for the truth.

Sharing My Experience With Emerson Hospital

This website and my YouTube Channel were created to hold Emerson Hospital accountable for Mama’s death and the subsequent cover-up.

I will not let Mama’s death be in vain. Emerson Hospital will learn from Mama’s death, even if I must lead the charge. I will not allow Emerson Hospital to subject another family to the anguish they continue to inflict on us.

YouTube Videos

Emerson Hospital refused to tell me what had happened in the operating room. No one will help me, but I am undeterred. I started my investigation into Mama’s suspicious death. I’m beginning to understand the scope of the cover-up of Mama’s death and Emerson Hospital’s corruption. I still need to figure out the missing pieces of the puzzle. I won’t stop until I finally answer the question that haunts me: “What Happened to Mama?” I’m telling Mama’s story on my website and my YouTube channel

The Secret Emerson Hospital Buried

I spent hundreds of hours reviewing Mama’s medical records, and I finally found the secret Emerson Hospital thought they buried forever. If Emerson Hospital covered up Mama’s death, how many other deaths has Emerson Hospital covered up?

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Violations of the American Medical Association (AMA) Code of Medical Ethics

The AMA Code of Medical Ethics appears optional at Emerson Hospital, especially Chapter 8, Opinion 8.6, “Promoting Patient Safety,” and Chapter 8, Opinion 8.8, “Required Reporting of Adverse Events.”

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The Promise That Fuels My Efforts

I drove Mama to Philadelphia to visit Grandma, Mrs. Annie Kellum Hope. The visit went well, but Grandma was very worried about Mama. I told Grandma that she didn’t have to worry and that I would always care for Mama. That was the last conversation we had. Grandma passed away a few days later. I kept my promise to Grandma for months, years, and decades—until August 6, 2021, when I called the ambulance to take Mama to Emerson Hospital.

The Question That Needs Answering

Everyone involved in the cover-up and the white wall of silence - the doctors, the CCU nurse, CEO Christine Schuster, and the senior leadership team - knows what happened to Mama. As the Healthcare Proxy agent and the Personal Representative of the Doretha Hope Pringle Estate, I morally, ethically, and legally deserve to know, too. I won’t stop until I finally answer the question that haunts me: “What Happened to Mama?

No Statute of Limitations

I don’t have a statute of limitations for pursuing the truth about Mama’s death. There is no date CEO Christine Schuster, the senior leadership team, the board of directors, or anyone involved in Mama’s death or the subsequent cover-up can circle on the calendar, after which you can breathe a sigh of relief. There is no date on your calendar when you can awkwardly dance down the hallways of Emerson Hospital singing “Oh Happy Day” off-tune. My voice will become louder and louder. The last thing Mama did before she passed was for me – and Mama did it twice. I will relentlessly pursue Emerson Hospital until they tell the truth about Mama’s death.

The Love That Drives My Actions

I would not be an electrical engineer without Mama’s support and encouragement. Mama spent her entire life supporting me and cheering me on. If the situation were reversed, Mama would fight to find out what happened to me. Now, it’s time for me to fight for Mama. I’m fighting Emerson Hospital with their medical records, which contain the evil secret they thought was buried forever, and my guardian angel. I will never stop fighting for Mama.

Mama – one day, you will be able to rest peacefully. I miss you forever. I love you!!!!!

Your Pam

Pamela Pringle
Personal Representative
Doretha Hope Pringle Estate
P.O. Box 172
Ayer, MA 01432